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You are Leon Armstrong a forty year old African-American male living the life of luxury, admittedly not one you've earned, after a bungled bank robbery when you were eighteen you spent twenty years in jail where you got fit and strong and hired yourself out as extra muscle. A tough life but it didn't make you rich that happened because while you were inside your little sister made it big as a pop star and now she keeps you in the lap of luxury and all you have to do in return his keep out of the way and out of trouble.

It's not all good news since you moved to this town, the locals are all white and just hate you, especially with your big house and top of the range car, they all think they're ill-gotten gains for some crime you've committed but after a run in with the local sheriff, when your sister's lawyers' had him fearing a million dollar harassment charge they pretty much leave you alone.

You have only two real problems, the locals don't like you using their stores, so you shop out of town, and aside from a hooker you picked up shortly after your release you've not had sex since, and the trouble is any local girl will probably cry rape should you even ask for a date.

The next town over is a little more liberal in its views, there's the large sex shop with private rooms in back maybe you could get lucky or you could even just do some grocery shopping.

Do you?

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