Saya/Black Dress/1

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You quickly head for the carriage to avoid getting dragged into any long goodbyes.

There's 20 guards, 30 servants and 10 maids, a uselessly large entourage as usual.

You recognize the guards as some of your favorite sparring partners, your dad must have hand-picked them. You make a mental note to give him a big thanks before leaving.

You were never that close to the servants, but most of them are cute-looking boys (the type you love to tease). And a few equally cute maids.

You also recognize one of the older maids... Betty. She's been around since you were a 'wee little baby' and has been going on your nerves for about equally long. Your father must have send her along to make sure you behave... probably a wise move, if extremely annoying.

You greet the captain of the guards as he approaches you, he's a large, burly middle aged man with a large scar across his face. Most girls are scared of him, but you know how to appreciate the company of a veteran warrior such as him.

"Ah you've fin-." he interrupts himself mid-sentence as his eyes grow big staring at your dress.

A huge grin splits your face in two as he stands there mouth wide open.

"never tought I'd see you in a dress m'am. Not that it don't look good on ya. Ye're quite beautiful." he stares at you some more .

you giggle at his embarrassment a little. "Why, thanks for the compliment Duran, so, since you're going to escort me there I assume you know who my wonderfully unknown suitor will be then?"

Duran manages to get a grip on himself and stammers "uh Sure lass, we'll be taking you to... :"

The prince of a neighboring country as a symbol of our Alliance

The prince of a neighboring country to enforce a ceasefire

An extremely rich trader of noble descent who offered to supply an immense amount of money and resources in return for your hand

A mighty lord who will provide a great military asset to our army

A mysterious lord to whom your father owes a huge personal debt

Health 100 Equipment:

Black Dress

Stamina 100
Mood Excited Inventory:

Mother's Katana

Purse 50, 00, 00
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