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Meanwhile, back at Hyrule Castle

You walked into the castle, soft leather boots padding on the stone tiles as you pass familiar scenes, heading to the princess's quarters. In the past few years, you had grown more, physically and mentally, no longer the brash young boy you were in the past, but a refined warrior. In service of the princess, you were the perfect respectful knight. However, unknown to the kingdom, you and Zelda, or rather, Sheik, had a much more casual companionship when alone away from the need of appearances. However, as you enter the formal office setting, you notice the court advisors are there, and so you must maintain your professional guise. Zelda notices your silent entrance.

"Ah, Link, thank you for coming so quickly". The princess greets you formally, wearing a dress that showed off her assets, which had grown as of late, but hid the mischievous and adventuring side of the young woman. Beneath this, however, you was the familiar twinkle in her eye, and a ghost of a friendly smile on her lips. "My advisors think it might be wise for us to make a trip to reassure that the Temple of Souls is secure....along with Cia. I have decided to go along with this, and you will accompany me. Prepare to leave in the morning." Allowing herself one casual remark, she adds, "And it should be very nice to see Lana".

With that, you exit the room, going down to your quarters to prepare. You are silently eager to be out with Zelda alone once more, as well as the chance to see Lana. Even the prospect of seeing Cia lights a dark pleasure you weren't even aware you had, but you try to swat away. You prepare quickly and decide to...


Go to sleep

Wander the courtyards

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