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Resisting your urges to try and have sex with the young woman, you call out to her in your most soothing and masculine voice. "Young Miss, don't fear me. I know I may look strange to you, but I swear I mean you no harm. I am on a quest for my... father. If you could help me, I would be forever indebted to you, please just reveal yourself to me," you plead, looking at the pillar with your sensual dark green eyes outlined with your stony gray skin. The blonde girl slowly reveals herself from behind the pillar with her head hung down and her hands behind her back. It didn't really occur to you until now, but she's probably embarrassed that a large naked man is standing in front of her. You suppose she's around 17, and based on the memories which the emperor gave to you, it wouldn't be uncommon for a girl her age to have never seen someone of the opposite gender without something at least covering their genitals. The thought of your penis being not just the fist one to penetrate her, but the first one she's ever seen drives you crazy, but once again you resist your urges and try to talk to her. "Miss, could you perhaps tell me your name or something about yourself? How long have you been observing me?"

"I... I..." she stammers, tries to make eye contact, then looks back at the floor, "M---my name is Mariu, I live nearby. I---I heard a noise like st---stone hitting the ground, so I wanted to make sure no one was hurt. I'm sorry for spying on you without s---saying anything I just..." She stops herself, blushes and then looks you in the eye. This whole time without realizing it she had been staring at your erect, tattooed member. "I just had never seen a boy without pants before. We've talked about sex before in school, but I've never seen a... penis before."

"Ah I see," you say, contemplating this. A completely oral sexual education class? Were it up to you it would be completely hands on. Oh well, you should focus on the task at hand. Maybe it would be possible for both of you to go back to her place if she lives nearby. That way you could enjoy a private conversation as well as a possible private fuck. As you think about this, a thought crosses your mind. She'd come right after you got out of your coffin... "So you saw me masturbate?" you ask her. She looks away from you again and blushes, unconsciously, or perhaps consciously licking her lips. You can hardly hold yourself back. Every nerve in your body wants to pounce on this girl and ravage her, but you still think you should play it cautiously. Still... a little fun before a serious talk could be nice.

Do you:

Name: ???
Status Naked and Horny Equipment:


Abilities Sex Seal Breaking
Chapter Prologue
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