KttK/Destroy the pillar and grab the blonde

From Create Your Own Story

Flying forwards, you tear the pillar in half with your might. The girl screams but you cover her mouth with your large hand. You force her into the mirror room and press her onto the floor. She looks terrified on the floor, her arms pinned by your hands, her legs pinned by your feet, your penis fully erect. She's breathing heavily. "Don't you dare scream," You tell her, "Or I'll break your neck." She struggles a bit more but soon realizes she has no where near the power to overcome your enormous figure. Unable to restrain yourself, you pull her dress up revealing her thin, semi-transparent pantyhose. You can clearly see her vagina through the fabric. you press your shaft up agains the fabric and begin to rub up and down her slit with your penis. She starts crying but she can't hide her pleasure. Her pussy is getting wet and she's beginning to softly moan. You lean in and start to kiss her passionately. This is starting to get boring, however, and you decide to ...

Name: ???
Status Naked and Horny Equipment:


Seals Broken 0
Chapter Prologue
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