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You look down on the puny knight-captain, who simply glares in response, eagerly awaiting your response.

"Knight Taur Sethus of North Grey Mason. Pleasure to, eh-oh, what in the world am I saying? There's no pleasure in meeting such a pathetic excuse for a leader."

Once more, the captain strikes a very angry glare at you, then turning his back and meandering back to his wooden seat. You think he's nothing but a puny and weak-backed soldier, bragging about his position in the Watch.

You find it sort of odd that he would ask of your status and then leave nothing but an angry gesture with his eyes. You stroke your chin and wonder what else is happening in camp, after all, soldiers are simply real downers and usually just jabber on about how horrible their job is, or how much work it takes them to unload supplies.

However, you feel no sympathy for the soldiers at all; the only thing that they really do is sip their flasks and look important.

But now, that last thought might change for you.

"OUTCAAASTS! THEY'RE COMING! OUTCAAASTS!" cries a frantic female voice. You are aware that this means that there's about to be a lot of trouble, drawing your claymore and stepping forward, thinking that this will be even more pathetic then the captain.

Of course, you're wrong.

A massive crowd of leather-armored bandits raise their axes and shortswords in the air and begin to march to the camp. The watch are immediately assembled into their 'emergency squads'.

You raise your claymore and begin to charge for the unorganized mass of bandits.

What happens next?

Dive into the crowds and start hacking and slashing.

Join the uniformed guards to lead the charge.

Attempt to make your way behind the crowd for a sneak attack.

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