Kneel between her legs

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"Of course," you reply. You know what she's doing. You've role-played like this before. You casually walk behind your desk, maintaining eye contact the whole time. Once between her legs, you kneel, bringing you face to face with her gorgeous pussy. Her blonde pussy hair was neatly trimmed, her cunt dripping wet.

"Make sure your very thorough," she demands, like a manager, "Lick like your job depended on it." You smile, then plant a light kiss on her labia. She shudders from the contact, pushing her pussy closer to your face. You kiss it again, this time longer and more sensual. Her juices coat your lips, and you relish in the taste. Next, you run your tongue from the base to her clit, slowly stimulating all her senses.

She's squirming in the chair now, her grip on the armrests tightening. "Good work as always, Mr. Garvey," she compliments, struggling to stay in character, "But if you don't mind, could you hurry the fuck up!" She groans the last part, to your satisfaction. You comply, licking her faster and faster. You purposely ignore the clit, only licking it every so often, to drive her crazy with lust.

She finally can't take it anymore and with both hands presses you against her sex. You double your efforts, practically making out with her pussy now. You tongue explores the depths of her cunt, then goes north and plays with her clit. She can't take it anymore and moans out load, closing her eyes and just enjoying the moment. You can tell she is going to cum soon.

However, you have other ideas. Standing up, you detach yourself from her sweet lips. She looks at you angrily, but then sees you undoing your belt and smiles.

What do you have planed?

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