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Great, you're Xor.

As you wake up, your eyes slowly adjust to the darkness. You're a bit tired of sleeping in caves, but it's been a custom of goblin royalty for as long as history has been recorded. You're the third princess of the current queen, and, like all third princesses throughout goblin history, the only thing you really have to do is to have children, and you're free to do whatever else you want.

You quickly remember what today is - the first day of your heat. As you roll over, a sharp pain in your abdomen reminds you that it's been quite a while since you've emptied your bladder.

What do you do?

Empty your bladder

Go to the main room, for mate selection

Go get drunk

Status Horny, in heat, needing to pee Equipment:

garter, pasties, amulet

Location Your cave section

New character sheet:

Kinkfinity/Character Sheet/Xor

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