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Great, you're Rubrae!

You wake up on your soft bed under your thin sheets. Yesterday was your fourteenth birthday; you're an adult now! You have a full year of freedom before you have to choose a job. There's so many types of antics you could get up to in that time. But first, you need to get out of bed.

After lying quietly in bed for almost fifteen minutes, your bladder's emergency signals finally force you to get up. Right, you drank way too much water at your birthday party. You could do the logical thing and bolt for the toilet. Or you could ignore your emergency and get dressed. The latter option might see you lose control at an unfortunate time, but you're more likely to force someone to stuff their stomach with your piss by then. Probably your sister, Bemere.

Which do you choose?

Status Horny, bursting to pee Equipment:


Location Home, in your bedroom

New character sheets:

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