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This page covers the origin of the names of various things, in alphabetical order.


Alara: Simply made up, although the association with the term "As Low as Reasonably Possible" in terms of radiation doses vaguely ties in with her mild shapeshifting. Means "Ruler of All" in German.

Deras: Chosen to sound Goblin-y. Apparently the surname of a lot of families.

Freida: In Scandinavia, it's derived from an Old Norse word that means "beautiful, beloved". It's just an alternate spelling.

Gwen: A Welsh name meaning "white, holy". Also, the name of a good lot of cartoon characters.

Hilda: Like Freida, it's derived from an Old Norse word. Unlike it, it means "battle".

Jenifer: In many different places it means "fair one".

Kiki: No major meaning behind this one, but it sounds nice.

Lilah: Means "night". I don't know why I picked this one, but it works, I guess?

Lucia: The one with some of the most reasoning behind it; sort of a feminine version of "Lucifer", and the name of a succubus from Corruption of Champions.

Maylee: It just sounds kinda cute.

Mrs. Velvet: Velvet is soft.

Ms. Cherry: Her last name is to give a feeling of innocence.

Orina: Made up, but apparently it's Spanish for urine. Fits a common theme of Kinkfinity, so it fits. It's also a Greek name for "peace".

Rxog: It sounded goblin-y.

Sub Suzi: Alliteration, mainly.

Tas and Tes: Similar names for twins, chosen to sound Goblin-y.

The Big X: It sounded cool.

The Boss: It's her title and all she's known by.

The Desk Lady: She's... the lady at the desk.

Xor: It sounded goblin-y.


This only lists races with made-up names.

Dracea: Based on the Latin word "draco", meaning "dragon". Because they're big, tall, dragon-girls.

Dranarch: A combination of "drider", "monarch", and "anarchy".

Nekona: "Neko" is the Japanese word for cat. They're cat-girls.

Sanguina: A combination of "sanguine" and "saguaro".

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