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Great, you're Jenifer!

You wake up and your vision is obstructed by a note. Putting on your glasses, you read it.

Dear Jen,

We left you this note because we'll be fucking like animals in the upstairs bathroom when you wake up. On the table is a filling breakfast for you!

-Your Parents

PS: If you're wondering why it's so different from what you usually eat, we decided that you need some meat on you.

Oh Vitdammit. You hear loud humping and moaning coming from right next door. You're just going to ignore your parents and get into your day-clothes.

You head downstairs and make sure to use the restroom before doing anything else. Finally you look at what your parents made for you - three big waffles and a good bunch of bacon. Half-reluctantly, you decide to humor your parents and get syrup from the refrigerator. After putting on a proper volume of syrup, you begin eating. By the goddesses, this tastes so good! You gobble down the rest. It's been at least five years since you've eaten something that tasted this good.

Large meals come with their consequences, of course, and you end up with a slight stomachache. You glance at the clock. Fuck! The bus will be here in a few. You didn't even get your second morning pee in, but you suppose that you'll be alright. You put the dishes in the sink and notice a note hidden under the plate. Your parents also packed a lunch for you. Not having the time to pack your own, you take it from the refrigerator, put it in your backpack, and put on your backpack.

You head out the door and are just in time for the bus. You sit in your usual seat and begin reading. Who sits next to you?





Status Full Equipment:

Layers of clothing, unknown lunch (in backpack)

Location School Bus
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