Kinkfinity/Editing Guide

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This is the Kinkfinity editing guide.

Make sure to follow these rules:

  1. Use proper English. No need to be professional, but at least have good grammar and spelling.
  2. Keep things consistent. All school-related parts of the story take place at the same school, so the characters should at least see each other sometimes.
  3. Don't go beyond what's mentioned in the main page for kinks unless you've discussed it with me on my talk page and I approved.
  4. Make all links to subpages of Kinkfinity. A generic "Go to school" page will not be acceptable; a "Kinkfinity/NAME/Go to school" page will be.
  5. Don't add new characters or character sheets without my permission.
  6. The main lines do not end. Minor lines, a new feature, are supposed to be finite.

Thank you for reading; this may be updated, so watch this space.

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