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Kiki is an outgoing party girl.

Full Name: Kiki Dormand

Age: 16

Breast Size: DD

Height: 5'6" (1.68 meters)

Skin Color: Pale Peach

Hair Color: Blond

Eye Color: Brown

Likes: Parties, soda, music, dancing, parties, cool clothing

Dislikes: Underwear, learning, school food, public restrooms

Bladder Size: Large

Vaginal Tightness: Moderate

Hip Size: Large

Ass Fullness: Moderate

Anal Tightness: High

Pain Tolerance: Average

Dom or Sub: Leans toward sub

Favorite Position: Any of them


Kiki is the life of the party. You can't have a party without her. As a consequence, she's not the best student, and is fine with that. Her frequent partying leaves her with a big bladder; it's not uncommon for her to only use the restroom once during school. Some people call her a slut, but this is usually meant more as a compliment than anything. Despite her dislike towards learning, she's not an airhead, but she is more street-smart than book-smart.

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