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Jenifer is a serious student with a massive bladder.

Full Name: Jenifer Luzi

Age: 16

Breast Size: A

Height: 5'8" (1.73 meters)

Skin Color: Light Tan

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Grey

Likes: School, studying, obeying rules, order

Dislikes: Parties, chaos, not learning

Bladder Size: Massive

Vaginal Tightness: Very High

Hip Size: Average

Ass Fullness: High

Anal Tightness: Extremely High

Pain Tolerance: Low

Dom or Sub: Unknown

Favorite Position: Unknown


Jenifer is exactly how she's described - a studious girl who strives for grades who can hold her urine for a long time, far longer than anyone else in her school. That, and her extremely tight vagina, are essentially her only sexy features, but when she mixes with the fun crowd on accident, who knows what'll happen? Also of note is that she is poorly receptive to temperature, so she can wear multiple layers and be fine, despite the heat.

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