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Gwen is a kinky girl with only a few friends, but they're very close.

Full Name: Gwen Reid

Age: 15

Breast Size: B

Height: 5'4" (1.63 meters)

Skin Color: Pale with freckles

Hair Color: Orange

Eye Color: Green

Likes: Light bondage, restrooms, swimsuits, urine, anal, multiple penetration, urethral insertion

Dislikes: Prudes, pants, underwear, actually using a public restroom for its intended purpose, illness

Bladder Size: Small

Vaginal Tightness: Loose

Hip Size: Lithe

Ass Fullness: Above Average

Anal Tightness: Loose

Pain Tolerance: Very, very high

Dom or Sub: Usually dom

Favorite Position: Cowgirl


Gwen is an extremely kinky girl. She's in to most kinks, including bondage, watersports, and even urethral insertion. Because of this, she doesn't have too many friends, but the ones she does have, she's very close to. Said friends also share many of the same kinks. If she's not in class, she's doing something fun elsewhere, possibly a restroom. She carries a variety of sex toys in her backpack, from the normal to the extremely kinky.

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