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Hi, welcome to Kinkfinity's author commentary. I'll use this space for things that don't fit anywhere else and is outside of the story. Just for the sake of comedy, some of the characters may even talk. This is sort of like a magic void.

I'd first like to address any age-related concerns. Yes, I know this seems sort of silly, with adult stories including characters well before puberty, and Kinkfinity only goes as young as the early teens. But I still want to get this off my chest. This explanation also explains some of the more silly things that happen, that make no sense within the confines of normal human biology. Kinkfinity exists in an alternate universe where the Earth takes twice as long to rotate around the sun but remains where it is anyway, because wizards or something. This means that, in their universe, a character listed as "9" is 18 by Earth standards. Oh, and they grow up half as fast. Also, because of minute changes in biology, possibly due to magic again, the characters have more rubbery bodies and are significantly harder to injure, be it by combat or by sex. This is why Gwen's urethra can be violated by Maylee's penis and have Gwen suffer no lasting injury.

Another interesting thing - all of the people referred to as "futa" are intersex. More specifically, true hermaphrodites. That means that both the female and the male reproductive organs function very well, meaning that they could technically impregnate themselves. This will be explored at some point in the future of this story. Some were not born that way (most of the lower-ranking members of the Futa Gang weren't) but instead some sort of odd science caused something to happen. Maylee was born that way, as were the Boss, Hilda, and Freida.

I'm planning on adding two moral axes - the typical (slightly modified so it'd be nice vs mean instead of good vs evil) and a sort of "kinky" axis, going from extremely non-sexual/non-kinky to hypersexual. Each character would start at almost the same on the typical axis but different on the kinky axis. I'll begin implementation soon so some pages might look a little odd in the future since it'll be a modification to the template used in most pages in the Kinkfinity category.

Instead of jumping right into two moral axes, I'm planning on a sort of Itempedia. It's obvious what it is - a page with info on the items. There's lots of them.

I'll begin working on the moral axes soon. Probably.

I got bored and decided to figure out where the races and the characters fit in terms of character alignment. Humans are usually either True Neutral, Neutral Good, Chaotic Good, or Chaotic Neutral. Goblins are usually in the "cross" (True Neutral, Neutral Good, Neutral Evil, Lawful Neutral, Chaotic Neutral), although this doesn't always apply. As for demons, the generic ones are exclusively Neutral Evil. Imps, Succubi, Incubi, and Omnibi can be Neutral Evil, True Neutral, Chaotic Neutral, or Chaotic Good, for the most part. Elves are usually either True Neutral, Neutral Good, Lawful Good, or Chaotic Good.

As for specific characters, this is harder for me, the chief author, to actually pin down. In alphabetical order, Alara is Neutral Good, Deras is True Neutral, Freida and Hilda are both Chaotic Neutral, Gwen is Chaotic Good, Jenifer is True Neutral, as is Kiki. Maylee is on the fence between Neutral Good and Chaotic Good. Maylee's Mother is Neutral Good, as is Ms. Cherry, Tas, and Tes. The Big X is Chaotic Neutral, The Boss is, too. The Desk Lady is True Neutral, Xor is Chaotic Good, and Xor's Mother is Lawful Neutral. These aren't set in stone and characters are free to act outside of alignment, but it's a good, rough guideline nonetheless.

I'm going against a prior wish of mine and specifying more attributes for my characters.

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