Kelly plays a barbarian girl

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Main characters for this story are:

Kelly's team:

Kelly, 17 years old, 5"8' feet, blond hair, bright blue eyes, stunning girl with a nice butt and and a average, if a bit small, bust. She likes to act in live action role-play games with her friends.

Paul, 17 years old, 5"10 feet, brown hair, mud-brown eyes, nerdy boy.

Dean, 16 years old, 5"8' feet, brown hair, mild green eyes, normal looking boy.

Enemies team:

Dan, 18 years old, 6"5' feet, dark blond hair, dark gray eyes, athletic boy.

Tim, 15 years old, 6"0' feet, black hair, bland brown eyes, skinny boy.

Pete, 16 years old, 5"10'feet, blond hair, dark blue eyes, athletic boy.

Note: Kelly has B cup breasts if you want to know.

Her story starts when she got an invitation for a LARP game in the woods this weekend. The game was in the hottest summer in years. Kelly and her friends has to play a barbarian fight. Kelly and her friends were very excited about the game. Because of the heat she decided to exchange the normal, heavy clothes for some clothes which were a little bit lighter. According to the dress code the clothes have to be leather and fur.

Kelly decides to make a strapless leather and fur bra and a short skirt of the same material. Because leather boots would be foolish in the heat, Kelly makes flip-flops covered by fur greaves that start from the knee and go down to the top of the foot, leaving the sole and toes showing. When she had finished, she was proud of her work.

Kelly goes to the camp

Kelly decides to stay home because of the temperature

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