Keep going: The Sewer

From Create Your Own Story

"A dirty old man's dream," you utter in astonishment. You have moved ever so carefully along the thin walkway inside of the sewer piping so you won't disturb any gators and simply not to get any more saturated than you already are. And here, at least 1,000 feet from where you fell into this mess, is a way out! An amazing way out! You have turned off your flashlight because the piping here is light from above by five of six drains that light and water are flowing through. The cascade is right down the center of the large sewage pipe you are standing in and from this angle you can hear and kind of see the showers at the woman's college down the street. However, to inspect these drains you will need something to stand on. This old dilemma again!

Maybe I should just turn around, it smells awful in here and all I'm going to see is girls on the can. Who wants to see that!

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