Keep driving!!?!

From Create Your Own Story

you keep driving for another hour until you run out of gas. you're in the middle of nowhere and keep walking and walking hoping until you see civilization.

it's been 5 days and all your food is done,everyone ate it. during the night campfire. After 3 more days as you all drift to sleep you hear two loud gunshots. your so tired from everything that has happened that it takes you almost 10 minutes to get up. when you get out your tent you see

squidward eating sandy's tail and mr.krabs craw

"mmm...mmm....mmm....nice arm! ha ha ha ha!"

you're paralyzed in fear.

"mmm... I'm hungry for some cheese." squidward whispers to himself but you hear it.

squidward has gone insane you think as he lifts his shotgun to your nose.

you have died

try again for the good ending

Spongebob the apocalypse

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