Keep comforting her

From Create Your Own Story

It's been a while since you've had a father-daughter moment like this, so you let her enjoy it. It was a very emotional time in her life, after all, and those emotions were only heightened by the war. After another minute her breathing returns to normal and she closes her eyes. In an effort to relax her more, you begin to give her a back rub, slowly running your hands up and down her back.

Katie lets out a small moan, which startles you. You stop rubbing her back for a second, before resuming like nothing had happened.

She's just enjoying the backrub, you tell yourself. However, you begin to doubt yourself when she slowly shifts her body. Now she's practically straddling you, her crotch right up against yours. You are now very aware that your daughter is clad in only panties, and that moan begins to seem less and less innocent.

Break the hug now?

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