Keep bouncing Deanna on the bed

From Create Your Own Story

Deanna's sexy body and firm squeezing of your cock inside her keeps you hard. You keep thrusting into her, never getting limp. Your cum makes great lube and you go faster.

"Oh, I love young studs who can keep it up," she says while moaning, almost to her own peak.

You pummel her sex to the mattress, grunting a little louder with each thrust. Troi's body squirms beneath you.

"Oh, yes. Yes. Yes! YES! I'm coming! FUCK!" she cries as her body shakes and humps up into you. She screams and her fingernails raked down your back. The pain blends with the extreme pleasure of fucking the Betazoid to make you pound her harder. Her pussy is pulsing wildy around your cock, and you can't hold back any more. Your cum explodes from your cock like a fire hose, dousing the flames in her womb. You both keep climaxing for a minute until you slump on top of the Counselor, sweaty and panting.

Do you --

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