Keep boffing Troi up against the wall

From Create Your Own Story

You press Troi up against the wall, but you find yourself out of breath and trying to recover for another go round.

“Did you call me Worf?” you pant.

She is out of breath as well and her naked breasts never looked so full and beautiful as they heave in and out. “W... what?” she asks.

“I think you called me Worf…” you say.

“No… I don’t think I did.”

“Really? Because I could have sworn you said something like… Worf!” you persist.

“Okay. Okay… I’m sorry. I may have let that slip. But don’t please don’t be angry with me.” You turn to leave. She latches onto your arm. “No, please! I beg you. Don’t leave me."

You look down at her, naked, sweaty and smoking hot, but you remain strong. “Why shouldn’t I?”

“Please, we’ll do something I never did with Worf, or Riker, or even Captain Picard!”

What, Captain Picard? Him too? But that is beside the point right now. She has you intrigued.

"Tell me what you'd like me to do," Troi says. "We'll do it. Anything you desire."

"All right," you say. "I'd like you...

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