Just jump up and rap on a drain, make your self noticed, get the hell out of here

From Create Your Own Story


"What was that?" says one soapy female coed to another.

You hit the drain and made a clank sound but, as one would obviously see, you fell right into the the neck-deep water in the middle of the dank pipe!

From above you hear two girl's voices:

Girl 1: "Geeze, Mindy, you have an active imagination. I didn't hear a thing."

Girl 2: "Know what I'm imagining right now?"

Girl 1: "Hey, hey, we decided no more fooling around like that, it's not right."

Girl 2: "Uhhh" seductively, "but Valerie, your big tits are calling to me, calling out for me to caress that soap off them nipps."

Girl 1: "Ok. Yes. That was ONE time and it felt... it felt soooo good... NO NO, we can't!

Girl 2: "Yes we can, we're young, we're hot, we're naked, and we're alone... and I'm hungry for this!" slapping sound

Girl 1: "Oh!, no, no, no,....uhhh....uhhh....Yes-

Just then the gator gets you by the balls. Your erection (yes, you have one. But you just noticed it when the teeth bit down) is torn off!!! The gator lets go only to chomp again! He sinks his long jaws into your entire abdomen this time and pulls you down into the brown stinky water in a death roll. Well, at least you are going to die with a smile on your face.

                                              Try Again
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