Just Say Yes

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Work in Progress This is my first attempt at an original story. Please be patient. Once there is a basic structure in place, I will open it up to the public. In the meantime, constructive feedback is welcome!

It's a hot August day and you are ready to go home. You came to the local Renaissance Faire with your family, but only after no small bit of cajoling. As you suspected would be the case, about ten minutes after you arrived they all ran off in different directions -- leaving you to wander around by yourself. A couple mugs of ale helped a bit, but now you're simply too hot and tired to care anymore. As you search for somewhere comfortable and shaded to rest, you spot a small tent under a large tree off in a quiet corner of the grounds. A small wooden sign that reads simply "Fortunes" hangs outside. You enter the tent.

Who are you?

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