Jurassic Island

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This is a story about a group of stereotypical teens getting stranded on an island full of dinosaurs, the only difference between this story and most others that the teens are far too horny to realize the danger there in; okay maybe not that different than usual but this goes into detail.

There 7 teens to choose from.

  • Sarah Ludson - The blonde cheerleader type, good looks, big fake boobs, dumb as bag of bricks.
  • Rick Morrison - The good-looking jock, Sarah's boyfriend, had a small dick, rich kid.
  • Glenn Lawrence - The loser, has a crush on Kendra, only thing going for him his his 7-inch cock.
  • Kendra Walker - Sarah's best friend, an ebony beauty, secretly very smart and has a crush on Glenn.
  • Lena Watanabe - Good looking Asian nerd, dislikes all the others, under her clothes is surprisingly very muscular.
  • Jason Nelson - Rick's best friend, Madison's boyfriend, has a 9-inch cock.
  • Madison Rodriguez - Jason's girlfriend, Latina Curry Beauty, the only one who knows how to drive the boat.
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