Jump in and help the old man

From Create Your Own Story

You charge the two men, who are completely surprised by your attack. You sucker punch one in the face and he falls to the ground. The second man begins to say "wai-" but you end his begging with a swift kick to the chest. The two men are now both unconscious. You help the old man to his feet.

"Thank you stranger" he says. "Those two ruffians would have killed me for sure!" "Happy to help" you respond and begin to walk away. The old man then says "wait just a second, I want you to have this for helping me". He hands you a bag with a bottle inside of it.

"Is this liquor?" you ask. "No" he responds. "This is a very powerful potion that I created a few days ago. If you drink the potion, it will transform your body. It can turn you into a hermaphrodite, a woman, a child, or even a tentacle monster."

"What the fuck?" you think to yourself.

Do you:

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