Journey of Ask

From Create Your Own Story

Introduction: This is my first try here at CYOS and I’m still trying things out. This Story will take place in neat fantasy world, further informations will follow once I’ve written some entries. For start, all you need to know is that you will be playing as Ask, a young shaman of a wolfir tribe. The wolfir are a species of anthropomorphic wolfs who life in the northern parts of this world.

You’re sitting on a stone an gazing onto your reflection in the slow flowing river. You muster yourself, your bright amber eyes, your silver grey fur. Without being arrogant, you always thought of yourself as being well looking. But right now, you’re thinking about something else. "Why am I so special?", you ask yourself. Okay, you are the shaman of your tribe, shaman apprentice to be honest. But, still. Your teacher, the tribe’s real shaman, told you that the spirits have great in mind with you, that you are destined to becoming a great hero. Neither you nor he have a concrete idea how you shall accomplish that. The only thing the old shaman knew was: To achieve something, you have to leave the forest and travel the world. And the day of your departure is near. Today, the human traders have arrived, and you will follow them back to one of their cities. And from there you should go to... "Ask! ASK! Where the heck are you? Ask!" The sudden shouting rips you ouf of your mind. Slowly, you stumble on your feet, just in time to another wolfir dashing out of the undergrowth. "There you are! I searched the whole forest for you. The elders think it’s time you come by. Ya know, have some fun before your great day." The brown furred fellow grins at you. "I’ll do my best to make you remember that night!" You’re blinking at him still a bit confused and lost in thoughts. "Hey, earth to spirit caller." He waves his Hand in front of your face. "You still remember who I am, or? “, he asks jokingly.

You reply:

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