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In case none of you have ever heard of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, please click on the below link for a quick summary of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and the relevant stories. If you're familiar with the universe of Jojo before Steel Ball Run, you do not have to read it.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure for Dummies

(Here is where the basic explanation of the premise would be.) This Choose Your Own Adventure actually has six storylines, all of which are set in the world of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure before the events of Steel Ball Run.

(Note about how the characters here are different people: they aren't just gender-swapped versions of one character, they have their own individual personalities and backstories. The male Stand User is a different person from the female Stand User and the male Hamon user is a different person from the female Hamon user.) Every character will have their own unique and bizarre adventure!

Stands are the living embodiment of one's soul. Stands come in all shapes and sizes from comic books that can tell the future to the hair on your head that can to muscular ghosts that beat people up by pummeling them with their fists! Stands usually follow a certain set of rules: Stands cannot be seen by those without Stands, hurting a Stand hurts the Stand User, a Stand User can only have one Stand but that Stand can evolve, etc. The full list of Stand rules are right below.

Hamon users are those one in ten thousand people who can tap into the power of Hamon, a mystical art that channels the energy of the sun through proper breathing. (Yes, that IS how it works. It's not called a "bizarre adventure" for nothing.) The art of Hamon was originally developed in the ancient past to combat vampires.

Normal people are regular people without special abilities or powers. A normal person can't use Hamon and their souls do not have enough Stand potential to manifest a Stand either by strife or by getting shot with the Arrow. However, even in a world of time-stopping ghosts and martial artists that can destroy vampires with one good punch, a normal person should not be underestimated.

Stand Rules

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