Jessica wakes standing up

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Jessica woke dazed with a drained sensation coursing through her body looking around the room in horror, her class mates stood in a line with strapons of all different sizes, colours and various attachments connected to each.

Mrs Beth walked up with a 15" skin colored strapon, not the fattest in the room but certainly the biggest out the lot, Jessica stood motionless with tears in her eyes, does that feel good asked Mrs Beth, Jessica looking confused was completely unaware that kholf, a Nigerian exchange student was sucking on her vagina and lapping up at Jessica's moist pussy, the entire class had already had their fun with Jessica whilst she was asleep and each member of the class had brought Jessica to an unconscious orgasm and now kholf was the last member of the class to enjoy the sweet taste of Jessica's pussy and she was certainly enjoying herself sucking up the last of Jessica's juices.

Jessica could feel it now and felt sick to her stomach and humiliated that her body could betray her as the sensation of kholf's tongue was expertly bringing her to another orgasm,

Mrs Beth looked on as Jessica's breathing became very weighted, Mrs Beth clasped her hands together and looked round to the class of onlookers who could tell that Jessica was getting close to the edge, oh joys girls look at this, the filthy sex slave is going to cum again, I'm sure she enjoys this.

Jessica could feel her body tensing and every time kholf hit the right spot, Jessica's fingers and toes curled, her breathing was getting heavy her nipples were hard and she was sweating all over quivering and as Mrs Beth placed her mouth over her right nipple sucking hard, her left hand finding swollen clit and rubbing hard with her middle finger, Jessica tried desperately to control herself and stop this humiliation but just as she thought she could hold back Amy placed her mouth for Jessica's left nipple biting down hard to and then sucking almost of Jessica's left breast into her mouth.

Jessica lost it, her body started convulsing and shacking kholf had her mouth securely in place over her pussy, Mrs Beth and Amy each had a nipple to play with and Mrs Beth continued her assault on Jessica's now very used over worked clit. As Jessica began stretching up against the handcuffs arching her back kholf's mouth was flooded with Jessica's sweet juices.

As Jessica tried to bring herself back to her senses she was quickly brought back as kholf rose to her feet looking Jessica in the eyes, Jessica was looking at this girl that just made her orgasm the hardest she has ever before and liked it.

kholf's slender frame leaned into Jessica squeezing into her chest and tongue kissed Jessica hard sharing the remaining juice on her lips and turned to join the rest if the class in watching their pet

Mrs Beth looked around and walking over to Jessica she shouted out to the class, so five perhaps even seven at a time can have some fun with our pet at the same time wouldn't you agree as she looked around for approval, or we could have some other fun first? Does anyone have any suggestions?

Kelly shouted, We should see how dildos we can shove up her cunt and ass!

Donna questioned, Can I skull fuck her

Samantha announced, We could sell her for 15 minutes

Amy asked, What John the Handyman?

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