Jessica / Age: 20 / Weight: 110lb; 50kg / Height: 5'5" / College Student

From Create Your Own Story

At the University of Arkton, not many students made it out without some interesting "remember when" stories. Jessica, however, hadn't had many of those while trying to stay a straight shooter. With wavy, blonde hair down to her shoulders and a rather decent visage with blue eyes, a normal stature (5' 5") and a light build of 110 pounds (and a C bust size), Jessica was a beautifully budded woman, who recently came into her own. With some killer, slightly petite, looks, she was constantly being hit on by the sleeze-bags of college guys at her university. They all seemed to want her attention (or attentions, she thought) but didn't give her their attention about school or life or anything.

Today she felt particularly annoyed about it all since she was desiring "attentions" herself. Brent, her dog, was following her along today as she finished the stuff she needed get done around the apartment. Feeling that itch growing, Jessica decided to

Move her clothes from the washer to dryer

Go take a steamy shower

Have a sabbatical at her computer

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