Jessica's Choices, Forced Family

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Jessica’s Choices – Forced Family

The following material is for adults only. It depicts acts of forced sex, lesbian, incest, bondage, torture and group sex.

If you are forbidden to read or obtain this type of material because of either content or your age please discontinue now. It is a work of adult sexual fantasy.

Now with that out of the way hello and welcome to Jessica's Choices. Here you decide what Jessica does and her fate. Jessica is a same unlucky fictional girl in my other stories, these stories are part of a series and will make one day be an epic multiple choice story.

Jessica Stanhead is a blonde, 19 year old, ex head cheerleader and up until three years ago lived with her adoringly mother before her fateful car crash. Jessica had to live in a half way house with several other teenagers all with various backgrounds.

It was an extremely hot day with the midday sun beating down on the car not helped by the locked windows and no air con, Jessica Stanhead sat dressed in short white shorts and orange tank top showing off her slender abdomen and full chest, her long blonde hair beginning to look like she had just got out the shower with beads of sweat on her brow and in between her cleavage, Jessica had to often wear revealing outfits instructed by the half way house shrink, “This will get you out of your shell girl” she was told repeatedly but was never allowed to dress herself, another instruction handed down by the shrink which meant Jessica had to endure the orderlies groping, tugging, inappropriately touching and causing embarrassment usually in front of the residents of the house.

With the windows closed, brown beaten up upholstery and leather seats in the car nothing would help the situation but it was made worse when George Geoff was assigned the job, Jessica questioned to herself how he could even drive with the base of steering wheel pressed into the folds of his belly fat. Jessica tried her best to sleep through the journey but the car was so bumpy and George wasn’t the type of person you’d sleep whilst being in his vicinity. During a brief 5 minute heat exhausted sleep Jessica woke to the sound of George’s phone ringing. “shoot, your on with George” he shouted into his hands free, “yes miss Stanhead is with me” caused Jessica to turn her attention to call “I see” “well I’m on the B606 at the moment, is there a” “ah yes of course” Jessica assumed that she was now going somewhere else.

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