Jessica's Choices, A modern day slave

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Jessica's Choices, A modern day slave

This is story about Jessica Stanhead, 19 year old athletic cheerleader and a family that she is abused, humiliated, raped and degraded from.

Please note that although it has the title of Jessica's choices,  this is more jessica's life, And you decide. 

The Family

Douglas - 76 year old grandad

Mildred - 79 year grandma

Milisa - 55 year old mum

George - 52 year old dad

Akio - 18 year old daughter

Neil - 13 year old son

James - 7 year old son

Abigail - 6 year old daughter

Jessica woke in her usual place shackled to the matress , spread eagled on her back and her arms chained together above her head and eyes covered.

A trickle of sun light filters through the net curtains on her naked body and golden blonde hair,  whilst she stretches her back and arms where possible to feel some relief.  

A creak above her head causes Jessica to stretch her head up towards the noise as she hears.


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