Jerk off onto yourself

From Create Your Own Story

You waste no time as you grab your needy cock in both hands and start jerking off. You pump your thick meat as you move one hand to rub against your full balls, feeling the gigantic amount of semen waiting to be released all. You bring your hand back to your aching cock as your hips involuntarily thrust into your fists. Moans and grunts escape you as you thrust harder and faster, feeling your release approaching quickly. Your hands become a blur as you throw your head back and scream through your orgasm. Jizz rockets out of your still massive cock to splatter against your body as your every muscle tenses and you freeze in place. Your scream turns into a hoarse gasp as cum forces itself out of your nuts in an endless hose, spraying against both you and everything around you. Your eyes glaze over and you almost forget to breathe as gallons upon gallons of jizz is finally emptied from your balls onto the area all around you. You remain frozen for a few minutes after you have finished ejaculating, too overwhelmed to move. When you recover, you look around to see the mess covering every inch of you before you decide what to do next.

Go to work like this

Clean up and leave

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