Jason decided to join Joker instead

From Create Your Own Story

Joker didn't want Jason to live but her girlfriend Harley Quinn sure did. She told him that since he was willing to join them there was no need to kill him. Joker agreed after some persuasion. Joker then left him there and went off to meet Roman Sionis. Harley was left behind to take care of the injured Jason. She untied him and took him to her bathroom. There she carefully stripped away his suit and put him in her bathtub. She helped him wash his wounds and then she left him there to have a bubble bath. She came back after a while and took him back to her room where she applied bandages on his many wounds and gave him new clothes. She took good care of him for a while by cooking him some meal and giving him some medicines. After a while she and Jason went in bed for rest. Jason awoke an hour later with Harley cuddled with him. She whispered in Jason's ear "I know you surely hate Mister J but you must not do so. We can all live together as a happy family." Then she slowly took her hand inside his pants. Jason was confused but she continued. She started massaging him ."Daddy Mr J doesn't take good care of mommy Harley. Little Jason would fulfill the mommy's needs ,right??"she asked gently. Jason knew that Harley wanted to have sex with him. What happened next?(NOTE: JASON IS 19 AND HARLEY IS 24 HERE)

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