From Create Your Own Story

At forty one your life was on a normal if not boring track you had a beautiful wife a teenage son things were going great until the accident, some idiot in a sports car showing off mounted the kerb and hit your wife, that was over three years ago now you think as you stand looking at yourself in a mirror you could never understand what she saw in you, at only five foot four inches you were never the tallest, nor where you overly developed just a skinny nerd you were even similar to her in looks in fact you looked so much alike people even mistook you for siblings, your son on the other hand was a fine looking boy already a foot taller than you, eighteen and a star of the football team too, the only problem with that was his friend Tyrone he was taller even than your son and very aggressive on the football field but a DUI ended his scholarship hopes. You couldn't help disliking him with his forceful attitude and the way he would constantly stare at you trying to intimidate you.

You live fairly comfortably working from home on various computer designs and having just finished a design you now have a month or so of free time, you are in the kitchen preparing a light lunch when you hear a knocking on the front door you go and answer it and the doorstep you find.

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