Jaime and Bronn have fun with Tyene Part 2

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"Well, well," Tyene cooed, looking over her shoulder at the intruder, "Look who decided to show up."

"I came down here to inform Bronn of his newfound freedom," Jaime replied, grinning and glancing over at his friend, "But I guess he's busy."

"It's okay, ol' boy," Bronn joked, slapping Tyene's ass, "But I think I'll stay imprisoned for just a little while longer."

"Y'know," Tyene purred, spinning around to face Jaime, her back facing Bronn. Her perfectly sculpted body was now on display for Jaime, her dark nipples calling out to him. "I've always wanted to taste a Lannister." Her words send blood rushing to Jaime's dick, but he is hesitant. His thinks of Cersei, and what she would think if he slept with a bastard from Dorne. On the other hand, Cersei had kept Jaime out of her bed as of late, and he needed release. Besides, who was she going to tell?

Throwing caution to the wind, Jaime approached the Dornish minx. Once he was close enough, Tyene eagerly unlaced his breeches, letting loose his now fully erect cock. It was fairly large, about as big as Bronn's, and Tyene licked her lips in anticipation. Running her tongue from the base to the tip, she elicited a groan from Jaime, who had flashbacks to his teenage years. Cersei had once loved sucking cock, sometimes preferring it over sex. Once, she had sucked him off during his lessons with his maester, unnoticed by the old man. It had been a long time since anyone had sucked the poor knight's dick, and Jaime welcomed this change of pace. While he was lost in thought, Tyene had taken him in her mouth, her lips sliding up and down his hard member.

Meanwhile, Bronn was getting horny and impatient. Grabbing Tyene by the hips, he began to bounce her on his cock, causing her to moan. Bronn had fully regained his strength by this point, and was done being complacent. He roughly impaled her with his cock, his powerful thrusts shaking her body. On Jaime's end, he was content to let her work, running his hand through her short hair while she serviced him. In the middle of the two men, Tyene was enjoying herself immensely. She hadn't been double teamed since her brief relationship with a pirate from Bravoos, and was loving it. She came a second time, her moans muffled by the dick in her mouth.

One cell over, Nymeria Sand was furiously masturbating, the introduction of Jaime only turning her on further. However, her pleasure was interrupted by her sister, who clamped a hand over her mouth.

"So, my little sister likes watching Tyene get fucked," Obara taunted as Nym struggled underneath her. "Well, don't worry. I do, too." Nym's grunts of protest turned into moans as her half sister began rubbing her pussy. Obara was rough, shoving three fingers into Nym's tight pussy, but she could take it. She was Oberyn's daughter, after all. She liked it rough.

Tyene pulled off of Jaime's cock with a pop. "I think it's time we switched it up, don't you think?" She said, standing up.

"I agree," Bronn replied, sitting on the bench, is erect cock standing at attention, "Besides, you need to pay me back for sticking my tongue up your cunt."

"You need to pay me back for saving your life," Tyene shot back, getting on all fours. Taking Bronn in her mouth, she showed off her deep throat skills, taking most of his dick down her throat.

Behind her, Jaime was greeted to quite the sight. Tyene was swaying her hips, begging him to fuck her pussy. The Lannister, though, had other hands, lining his cock up with her tightest hole. Thrusting forward, he plundered her ass, finding the hole looser than he expected.

"Ugh! Bastard!" Tyene growled, throwing back an annoyed yet aroused glare.

"I believe your the bastard here," Jaime countered, pulling out and ramming back in. He managed to fit all 9 inches inside her. His balls slapped against her sopping wet snatch, a wet smack echoing throughout the cell. Bronn, on the other hand, was also balls deep in the Dornish slut. Grabbing her by the hair, he was forcing his entire length down her throat, his balls touching her chin. She barely had time to breath before he would shove her back down, her saliva making a mess of his dick. If Tyene needed a moment to catch her breath, Bronn had her lick his balls, before he resumed facefucking her. The sounds of sex filled the prison, from Jaime's groans, Tyene's moans, and even the other two Sand Snakes, who were 69ing each other.

It wasn't long before Bronn reached his limit. Pulling out, he covered the Dornish girl with his cum, strand after strand hitting her face. Jaime came around the same time, his semen filling her ass, the excess dripping on the floor. Above all else, Tyene was a cumslut, and receiving it from both sides was too much for her. She screamed her third orgasm of the day, squirting her juices onto the stone floor. All three participants were exhausted, and had to take a minute to catch their breath.

Bronn was the first to speak, turning to Jaime and saying "We need to take her with us."

Jaime just nodded in agreement, caressing the beautiful girl's ass. Cersei would be ecstatic, finally reunited with her daughter. Hopefully she wouldn't notice if he brought home a Dornish slut.


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