Jaime and Bronn have fun with Tyene

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"Who's the most beautiful woman in the world?"

The words echoed in Bronn's head as he fell to the ground, the world around him blurry and spinning.

"Your nose is bleeding," the Dornish seductress said, her devilish smile mocking the fallen Knight.

"It's nothing," Bronn gasped, "It's the dry air." He was mostly trying to convince himself, though, and it was a feeble attempt. Each breath he took was shorter then the last, and he was sweating profusely.

"My dagger was coated with a special ointment from Asshai," Tyene taunted, confirming what Bronn already knew. He heard a metal door open, but Bronn's mind was quickly fading.

"They call it the long farewell," Tyene continued, using the key she stole to open Bronn's cell. She had discarded her dress, her bare, tan skin appearing mystical in the low light. "It takes time to work, but if a single drop makes contact with the skin, Death." Bronn just now remembered the cut on his arm, where Tyene had cut him. He should of known the Dornish would use such trickery, but that mistake might be his last.

Sitting down on a bench in Bronn's cell, Tyene pulled a small bottle from her necklace. "The only antidote," she whispered, just loud enough for the ailing Bronn to hear. He reached out his arm, desperate for the cure, his pride discarded.

Smiling that evil smile again, the beautiful bastard spread her legs, revealing her smooth, shaved pussy. Opening the bottle, she poured Bronn's last hope onto her already wet lips.

"Who's the most beautiful woman in the world?" She asked again, and Bronn knew what she wanted. Gathering all his remaining strength, he crawled towards Tyene, each inch a battle. She just grinned, enjoying her absolute control over the poor soul. When Bronn reached the seductress, he could barely lift his own weight. However, he knew his life depended on it, and raised his head so it was level with her dripping snatch. It was wet with both arousal and the antidote, the life-giving lips begging to be sucked. Getting closer to his prize, Bronn stuck his tongue out and ran it from the base of her snatch to the clit, drinking her juices. Relief washed over him, but he needed more.

"Come on," Tyene laughed, pushing his face closer to her groin, "You can do better than that. I'm saving your life, after all." The knight did as he was told, licking faster and swallowing as much of the antidote as possible. As Bronn regained his strength, he began to enjoy the situation more and more. Yes, the Dornish bitch had almost killed him, but Bronn was a simple man with simple needs. Right now his face was buried in a beautiful woman's pussy, and he couldn't complain about that. The more aroused he became, the more he pleasured his poisoner.

"Men are so simple," Tyene groaned, struggling to contain a moan. "Firm tits and a tight cunt and they're yours." Bronn didn't respond, but playfully bit her clit, making Tyene shriek in surprise. She couldn't deny his skill, his tongue bringing her closer and closer to her climax.

In the other cell, the other two Sand Snakes watched the erotic display. When Tyene had left, she had closed the door behind her, keeping her half-sisters locked up. Obara was doing her best to ignore them, sharpening her spear. Nymeria, on the other hands, was paying very close attention. Out of the three of them, Nym was the most inexperienced sexually, and couldn't help but be turned on by the two. Stealthily, her right hand snuck under her dress and began to play with her pussy.

Back in Bronn's cell, Tyene was practically squirming as her nemesis eat her out. She wanted to cum, but not from his tongue. No, she was in control, and would cum on her terms. Pushing Bronn's head away, she stood up, stretching and arching her back. Bronn just sat there, on the floor, still dizzy from the drug.

"Well," Tyene demanded, "What are you waiting for? Whip it out." The sellsword didn't need to be told twice, fishing his rock hard erection out of his pants. His dick was fairly large, standing at a proud 8 inches. The Sand Snake licked her lips as she approached her prey, swaying her hips seductively. She sat down on his lap, face to face with Bronn, their lips inches apart. Her hips hovered over his cock, the tip just barely brushing her wet folds.

"Who is the most beautiful woman in the world?" She asked one more time.

This time Bronn had an answer. "You," he replied, grabbing her hips and pulling her down on his cock. He slid in easily, getting balls deep on the first stroke. Tyene moaned as she was impaled, no longer trying to contain her arousal. She gyrated her hips, enjoying every inch of his hard dick, before beginning to bounce on his cock. Bronn's senses were heightened by his brush with death, and he couldn't help but groan as the bastard expertly rode him. He caught one of her swinging breasts in his mouth, and sucked on it like his life depended on it. His partner was very grateful, her orgasm quickly approaching.

Grinning, Tyene brought her head close to Bronn's ear. "You want a good girl," she whispered sexily, "But you need the bad pussy!" The words had barely left her lips when she came, squirting all over Bronn's cock. The juices dripped down his length, coating his balls as well.

"You better not be finished," Bronn joked, squeezing her ass, not having cum yet.

"Trust me," Tyene reassured him, staring into his eyes, "We're just getting started."

It was at that moment that the cell door swung open, and a Lannister walked in.

Jaime and Bronn have fun with Tyene Part 2

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