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Jacob been living with 4 black guys because it was easier paying rent. All of them were tall, two was fat and out of work, and one were a drugs dealer. Jacob was home alone one day working out. He went outside to get the mail for the house. Jacob receive mail from one of his Aunts, but actually it was for his sister wedding. Inside he thought it was maybe her wedding dress or her veil but no it was some Victoria Secrets lingerie. The colors of it was a soft white and pink panties and bra. He pick it up and look at it. Damn it look good for some odd reason. Jacob took off all of his clothes and putted it on. Jacob went to the bathroom to checkout his body. He look pretty damn good in it. His tiny cock was not visible. So he could probability pass off as a girl. Also his tight small butt look good with the thong down in his ass crack. Jacob went out of the bathroom to see Trey, the fat tall black dude, looking at him. What will Trey do? Force him into a nice fucking or Trey try to tell the boys about this

Trey fuck Jacob

Trey try tell

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