Invite him over(SLBC)

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You invite him over.

He is really tall. He slams you into the wall, pushes your head into the corner and bends you over. He pulls up your skirt and rips off your panties.

"I'm gonna fuck you hard," he says, "hope your ready for this big cock." He pushes his cock into your ass real slow. You bite your lip cause the pain is extreme. He eases it in and out slowly, that horse cock it stretching you out. He about 3 inches in, he puts his hands on your hips and pushes in real slow. Bouncing in and out as he goes balls deep inside you. You feel him fill you up completely, the size and warmth of his cock inside you, is the best feeling ever. With your face jammed into the corner and bracing yourself against the wall. He pulls out slowly and slides all the way in. You can feel every inch of him as he slides in and out of you.

"You ready for your ass to be pounded," he says. "I'll go slow if ya want."

"Your little dick ain't nothing," you say, taunting him. "I can barely tell your inside me."

Infuriated, he pulls out slow and thrusts in hard and fast, you wince in pain. He speeds up to a really fast pace. He is pounding his cock into you. But you love it. "Is that all you got," you tell him. He starts pounding harder and harder, your face slamming off the corner of the wall. It hurts, but in the good way. His balls bouncing off of yours. His cock is so long, it feels like his cock is hitting your stomach. The warmth of his cock fills you up.

He stops, spins you around pushes yiu to your knees and jerks his cock in your face.

"Open your mouth," he says. And he sprays his load all over your face. Most of it goes directly in your mouth. You love the taste of it. He pulls your head to his cock. You take the cue and start sucking every last drop out it. He pushes you down, pulls up his pants and leaves. Your left there ass fucked and covered in his cum, your happy.

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