Invisible/Guy: Take Myrtle somewhere private and eat her out

From Create Your Own Story

You wrap your arms around the sobbing Myrtle and guide her into an empty classroom. She doesn't notice what's happening until after you lock the door, draw the shade on the door's window and lift her onto a desk, where you spread her legs.

Myrtle suddenly becomes aware of her surroundings, lifting her mind away from her self-pity. "What...?"

Her voice stops suddenly as you kiss her pussy through her thin panties. She's too stunned to resist as you kiss her slit and softly tease her clit with a finger before sliding her panties off of her. You open her up and insert your tongue. Myrtle gasps. "Oh... oh my..." she whispers.

"Mmmmmm," you purr. "Delicious." You slide your tongue deeper and slide it in circles, catching every drop of her sweetness that you can. Myrtle's legs, seemingly on their own, wrap around your head and you redouble your efforts. Your finger flickers over her love button and her breathing becomes ragged. Moments later, Myrtle's honey floods your face. You clean as much of it off her skin as is possible with your tongue.

"Wow," Myrtle sighs. She sounds a lot happier than she was a few minutes before. "Thank you, whoever -- or whatever -- you are."

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