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It is the night after your coordination ceremony, and god, you are tired. With a hunched back, you lay down your crown on it's assigned pillow, and fall into bed, foregoing the troubling process of undressing.

You are now in control of an entire continent. Half of the known world is at your finger tips. But first things first, who exactly are you?

Lucia- 23. Quick-witted and sharp, nothing slips past her cold, ever-watching eyes. Tall, dark haired, bone thin, ghostly pale, green eyed.

Sable- 19. A cunning, androgynous looking young man with a mind for economics and trade. Despite this however, a dark secret remains hidden form sight. Tall, lithe, black haired, gray eyed.

Gabriel- 16. A skinny bookworm with more interest in his inventions than the real world or the throne. Short, lanky, brown haired, brown eyed.

Felicity- 16. Small and meek, she would rather be tending to her horses and rabbit hutch, or walking in the woods. Short, thin, freckled, redheaded, blue eyed.

Iris- 19. A beauty beyond measure, she has no issue when it comes to conning men out of what ever she desires. Black, cropped hair, brown eyes, tanned skin, healthy.

Devon- 23. A cocky warrior who thinks he's the Gods' gift to the Eather. Blond, muscle-bound, tall, blue eyed.

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