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Today is the day you were created. You are a freakish experiment done by an old crazy witch. You are small and slim, around 4'8. Your whole body is covered in a deep blue exoskeleton, with the exception of your face which almost resembles that of a human child. Your mouth is a strange set of mandibles that when pulled in camouflage neatly as a human mouth. You also have a large back sack in your rear which keeps your long and thick sexual appendage inside.

You are the first of your kind, the Insectoid. Your shell is strong enough to survive mundane weapons such as swords and arrows. You are fast enough to escape cannon shots. And you have enough strength to lift boulders or to tear up iron. That said you are also almost always hungry. You can eat almost anything, but meat and female juices are your favorite.

You are aggressively lustful, always wanting to mate. Luckily to aid you in this, you constantly secrete a honey like smell that causes females to numb down and become more accepting towards you. Your cum is even more potent, it would be difficult for a female to escape your presence once you've cum inside them. Mating with other monsters comes easily and feels unique, lesser beings, like humans, tend to feel different, allowing your hunger to overcome your lust and kill them. While you know a lot about you, you know little about the world.

Right now you are floating inside a large container with a strange liquid. Your creator, an young crazy witch staring at you. You could attack her right now or you could wait it out for a chance to escape.

Health 100 Body:

Hardened Shell, Numbing Smell

Experience Level 0
Mood Drowsy
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