Infectional Survival

From Create Your Own Story

"Wake up!" The voice is distant, yet clear. All you see is a tunnel of indistinguishable colors. Feeling throughout your body is numb, and you can slowly feel sense coming back. Sharp, yet non-painful senses come to your back, legs,and head. You try to open your eyes, and blotches of visibility come penetrate the tunnel vision. You try to move, and immediately become aware of an extreme ache throughout your body.

"Come on! Please, just get up!" The ache becomes more and more painful, and true sensory feeling comes back to you. The tunnel slowly fades, and the room looks dark and grim. A ceiling light is hanging by a cord, and white sparks fly and bounce on the ground every few seconds. A small fire is in the corner of the room on the ceiling, and there is another fire below it, on the ground. Smoke has filled the air, and the only illumination comes from the fires.

"Get up! We need to go now! You groan and shift unto your knees and hands. It's some sort of hospital room, and the man next to you is in a tattered lab coat. There's blood staining the man's lab coat has blood staining through to his long-sleeved shirt, and his tan dress pants have a large rip down the shin.

"Good.. Good. You're up. Oh god, I can hear them coming. We need to get out of here! Quick!"

Ask the man "What happened here?"

Ask the man, "What's coming?"

Try the bathroom door

Try the hallway door

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