Incubus has startling news!

From Create Your Own Story

"Sister, come and see!"

You roll up your scroll and stash it away, dashing to your brother's side. A great pile of rubble lies at the far end of the chamber, opening into a cave. At the end of a cave, you see a pale, distant light. Your eyes widen. "A... a path to the surface?" you stutter, amazed.

"I think so!" he says, his voice a mixture of excitement and fear.

"We should go up!" you reply, bouncing slightly in place, your breasts bouncing with you. "I grow so weary of this place. A change of scenery would do us both good, I think."

Incubus looks back at the vast treasure. "I think that might be a bad idea," he says. "We're here for a reason, I don't think we should just leave, not with our home exposed for the first time ever."

You pout. "Well, you can stay, then," you suggest, crossing your arms beneath your ample chest. "I'll be back in six moons, and we can change places."

"My dear sister, I don't think..." Incubus starts. You glare at him. He shifts uneasily, rubbing the back of his head, before finally sighing. "Fine, you can go..."

You smile and give him a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you!"

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