In The Beginning/Female

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You click the female button and wait as the screen loads. The internet is being unbearably slow today. While you wait you quickly pull on a t-shirt and some jeans. With your blinds closed your bedroom is mainly dark but before you get chance to go open them the screen loads up. It reads:


A deadly pathogen has been released. Its origins unknown. This virus causes people to be turned into zombies. It is transmitted by the transfer of bodily fluids and is extremely deadly. Please evacuate your city. Evacuation points will be clearly marked. Your government ensures you that this problem will be dealt with swiftly and we urge you not to panic.

Well that's... old. You hate practical jokes like this but your quite impressed that some hacker pulled this off. You close your laptop and walk over to your blinds, after opening them you see something you weren't expecting. The street is empty. There's blood stains everywhere and belongings scattered along the path. Its time to make a choice. Do you:

Search the apartment.

Grab a weapon and head outside.

Call your family and friends.

Health 100 Equipment:

T-shirt and jeans

Gender Female
Level 1
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