I Don't Mind

From Create Your Own Story

He smiles and unzips his pants to let out his erection. You just stare at his massive cock in shock. He thrusts forward with his dick and you are snaped back to reality as he fills your vision.

"Maybe we sho-"

He forces his dick down your throat and immediately starts fucking you. His dick is not very thick, but it is long and you try to get him to stop his desperate humping, but he just ignores you and forces himself balls deep. You choke and gag as he moans and grunts in a world of pleasure. He dominates your mouth and throat ruthlessly and forces you to almost drown in his musk everytime you are able to breathe. Your own cock is hard as a rock and you wrap your hands around it and simply let him use you. He complies and pulls you up and down on his dick. You feel lightheaded but don't care as you submit to this unknown dominant boy. Your cock is nearly ready to blow and you whimper and moan as he grunts above you. Your vision clouds, but the feeling in your cock is too overpowering to allow you to pay attention to it. Your head begins to pound and you get tunnel vision as you near orgasm. With the last of your breath, you let out a muffled moan and cum all over the boy's legs. He thrusts one last brutal time before cumming. You feel his jizz pulsing into your stomach as you ride your orgasm into a oxygen deprived sleep.

Wake Up Later

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