I'm not a kid!!!

From Create Your Own Story

"Oh yeah?" He asks smiling. "What makes you think you're not a kid? What have you done to prove your not a kid?"

"Wha-I..its not about what I've done!" You yell angrily at him. "I'm 16! That's old enough to be considered and adult!" You turn away from him and cross your arms in a very childlike manner to which he laughs.

"Stop it!" You screech at him. "I'm a man, okay?!"

This seems to take him slightly by surprise. "Is that so?" He asks, staring at you as if he's seen you for the first time. "Well, tell me then MAN, are you still a virgin?" He smirks at you predicting your answer.

You were indeed a virgin. You have a girlfriend named Emma, but the most you've ever done was oral sex. You blush in embarrassment. "I'm not!" You lie. "Is that so?" He asks, with an eye brow raised. "Yes!" You bark at him.

"Well, if that's the case, then I guess you wouldn't objecting to having sex right now" he gives you a serious look. He means business.

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