Hyde Road - Wait and see what happens

From Create Your Own Story

You certainly do have a strong desire to find out more about this woman, but this a rather public place and drawing attention to yourself right now may not be the best idea right now, also it occurs to you that right now she is reading the article on the front page of the paper. You look around the room, there are a few other patrons in the room. All of them seem to be minding their own business, with the exception of the barista, who still seems to be keeping an eye on the female interest, she is however either used to people looking at her or is entirely oblivious, and his occasional staring doesn't seem to have bothered her.

None of the personal effects she has brought with her into the cafe offer any further insight into this mystery lady, but with your incarceration over the last few years you also don't have much to go on when it comes to the local affairs of Mistyhill Creek. Is she from around here? She certainly lacks the dull demeanor that seems to have infected the local people of the town, if you were a betting man you would say she was not from around here. She has lost interest in the cover story and is now paging through the paper.

Your wrist watch beeps once, indicating the half hour, it's four thirty, Jack is tapping his foot impatiently, visibly annoyed that you are still sitting around here. Your coffee is long since finished.

She looks out the window for in a bit taking the last sips from her drink, before gathering her things. She puts back on her coat and heads for the door, the scrawny youth behind the counter sees her get up and puts down his mobile device again, hoping possibly for another exchange with her. As she opens the door an icy wind gusts into the room, she has a lengthy pause as she stands in the doorway, and the temperature in the room noticeably drops. The scrawny youth, half complains to her about the room getting cold, you can see he is more than a little conflicted. She doesn't really respond but lets the door close behind her.

The snow is coming down thickly as she walks quickly across the road towards the Royal Rose Hotel.

You stand up and put on your coat, fix your hat, a grey Panama Hat with a blue band, on your head, fasten a grey scarf around your neck, pick up your bag and leave.

The snow is swirling about you as you stand on the curb, Jack is leaning against your car. The woman in the green coat has disappeared through the front doors of the Hotel. You grip your bag tightly.

What is your next move?

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