Hyde Road - Steal a car

From Create Your Own Story

With your pursuer now well out of sight and the blizzard seeming to intensify, you stand up and brush past Jack. Walking down the street you check the handles of the cars as you pass them. It is becoming bitterly cold, and your fingers ache as you squeeze each handle. About five, or maybe six, cars down, the door handle to a small, beat up utility vehicle gives way and the door swings open. Climbing inside, you shut the door behind you, it's no warmer in the small single cabin than it is outside, but the shelter from the wind from you face does help somewhat. You look around the cabin for the keys. Inside the glove compartment you find a box of cigarettes and old dented hip flask. It is tarnished and pressed into the side is the head of a horse. It's a logo, or maybe a crest, you aren't too sure, but it seems familiar although you can't place it right now. You unscrew the lid.

Jack is now sitting on the long seat next to you, it suddenly feels rather cramped inside the small space. You lift the open flask to your nose, the unmistakable pine needle smell of gin filling your sinuses. Jack scolds you. "I am not sure that dulling your senses right now is the best idea." Jack's patronizing nature is something you have become accustomed to over the years, and for the most part you ignore him. You catch a glimpse of some bright lights illuminating the blizzard behind you in the rear view mirror. You look over your shoulder. The blue haze accompanying it prompts you to duck out of sight before the vehicle is clearly visible through the storm. One, two, three, cars pass you. You look up. The police cars disappear into the snow ahead of you.

A peripheral search of the remainder of the cabin doesn't yield anything else useful and the cold is starting to bother you. You take a swig from the hip flask, the familiar warmth that accompanies the first taste of good spirits works it's way down your throat. You feel a little better. Reaching down below the steering wheel you feel for the edge of the plastic cover panel. Wrapping your fingers around the edge, you give it a sharp tug and the panel comes away easily. It only takes moments for you to rip away the simple cables connecting to the ignition, a small spark and the engine turns over, a small splutter and the engine comes to life. Air starts blowing from some vents in the dash board and you quickly get the heater working, it takes a few moments but soon warn air is blowing into the cabin. Your hands are feeling rather numb from the cold so you lift them up to the comforting heat.

You take another swig from the flask, Jack seems a little annoyed at you but not enough to make him comment to you, for now he seems to be watching the snow as it swirls down onto the windscreen. You fiddle with the controls behind the steering wheel and wipers come on, dusting the gathered snow off to the side.

There really is only one way out of this town, the main road that leads through the pass. Now that you have been spotted here it will be more difficult to simply blend and in getting out of town would really be preferable. You are fairly certain that police will be watching the road.

"You could try the dirt tracks that lead through the plantations." Jack suggests as he gazes into the snow out his side of the car.

It's been a while since you have done much exploring up the slopes but Jack is right there would likely be a way out under the cover of the spruces trees.

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