Hyde Road - It's too soon

From Create Your Own Story

You fight your instincts, your attraction to this woman is unnerving. "My pleasure," you respond. She seems to blush a little more intensely and she gets a cute dimple on her cheek as she smiles. You find it intriguing. Your bag is still standing next to you on the floor, you can't help but feel you need to say something, invite her to a drink. "Your bag is still standing on the floor next to you," more audible in your head now. You pick it up, but the moment is turning awkward, with a swift nod you make your way past the blue eyed woman whose name still alludes you, and walk up to the reception desk.

You feel a pang of regret in the moment, but your bag is heavy in your hand, you know Jack is watching you ever so closely, he may have taken a bit of a bruising outside but you also know he won't simply let it go. Your feet have carried you to the front desk and the graying gentleman looks up.

"Good evening, Sir, welcome to the Royal Rose. How may I be of service?" a line he says with an air of perfection. He has probably said it a thousand times yet his delivery is impeccable.

"Evening." You acknowledge him with a small tip of your hat. You see the sign behind the desk. "I would like to book room for this evening." You aren't entirely sure what it is you are going to be doing but it seemed the natural thing to do under the circumstances.

"Certainly sir, I take it you do not have a reservation?" You shake your head, but he is perusing a printed list on his desk. "Will you be staying alone?" His voice once again practiced in the business of hospitality. You give him an affirming nod. He runs his finger down the printed sheet, "Unfortunately, we only have a suite available this evening?" He looks up at you his eyebrows raised questioningly. "Unfortunately I can't offer it out at a single rate, but breakfast is included." This is turning into a bit more of an expensive indecisive show than you had anticipated but you don't feel you can back out now. You notice the young lady is still standing where you left her, looking this way.

"Fine, I'll take the suite." committing to the act. "Do you know who that woman is?"

"I am afraid not, sir, she is apparently meeting someone in the dining room." He seems a little dismissive of her.

"Ah," you reply concealing your intrigue. "You may want to deal with that puddle of water you have in the entrance, it seems a little dangerous."

"Puddle?" He seems oblivious to the incident minutes before.

"Yes, puddle." You fill him in on the near accident in his lobby. He picks up his phone and after a moment, someone arrives in the lobby with a bucket and mop.

"So sorry, but thank you! Now regarding your payment? Will it be by card?"

"No, cash." He raises an eyebrow at your reply.

"Certainly, sir, please be advised that we will also need security." He puts a piece of paper up onto the top counter and circles an amount. You nod. "I need your information here." He hands you pen and you begin filling in the forms. Behind you the woman has now moved off into the dining room. You pull out a clip of cash from the inside of your coat pocket and count out some bills handing them over the counter. "Your key, sir. Top floor, forth door on your right." You take the key. "Can I have someone take up your bag?" He motions to the bag you have been holding all this time.

"No, thank you. I can manage." You grip the handle tightly and turn away from the desk.

Do you?

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